Cambodia Zodiac Signs


There are Khmer people that follow the 12 Year Lunar Cycle based on Buddhist calendar. It was most likely originated from Chinese Astrologers in about the 6th century AD and was then adopted by many Buddhist countries in Asia and this includes Thailand and Burma (Myanmmar). In Cambodia, it is an integral part of Khmer culture. They believe that there are 12 auspicious animals, and there is one for each of the 12 years, and that the people born in each of those years will have certain characteristics of those animals.
Legend has it that on the Buddhas last day on this Earth he invited all the animals but only 12 came, so to reward them he named a year after each of the twelve. Khmer people usually don’t ask for your birthdate, instead they ask for your animal!

2012 was the Year of the Dragon, 2013 is the Year of the Snake and 2014 will be the Year of the Horse!

Year of the Rat
Industrious, disciplined, eloquent, shrewd and meticulous. Can be selfish, obstinate, scheming and vindictive.

Year of the Ox
Patient, steady, dependable, modest and resolute. Can be narrow minded, stubborn and demanding.

Year of the Tiger
Affectionate, impulsive, generous, unpredictable and sincere. Can be quick tempered, reckless, obstinate and selfish.

Year of the Rabbit
Sensitive, kind, artistic, compassionate and reserved. Can be lazy, self indulgent, moody and superficial.

Year of the Dragon
Self-assured, passionate, proud, generous and loyal. Can be arrogant, domineering, eccentric, violent and overbearing.

Year of the Snake
Wise, prudent, sensual, graceful and constant. Can be self doubting, possessive, a poor communicator and a loner.

Year of the Horse
Intelligent, talkative, popular, cheerful and astute. Can be arrogant, rude and stubborn.

Year of the Ram
Peaceful, artistic, creative, gentle and compassionate. Can be pessimistic, indecisive, moody and a complainer.

Year of the Monkey
Self assured, polite, dignified, inventor and a problem solver. Can be Vain, snobbish, selfish, jealous and reckless.

Year of the Rooster
Organised, neat & tidy, zealous, practical and decisive. Can be critical, abrasive and opinionated.

Year of the Dog
Honest, loyal, open minded, intelligent and straight forward. Can be lazy, pessimistic, stubborn and quarrelsome.

Year of the Pig
Honest, patient, trusting, loyal and hard working. Can be gullible, naive and self indulgent.