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Every year, the CDT provides exclusive tours in sign language anywhere in Cambodia. CDT will take you on a captivating journey filled with culture, history, food, arts and unique experiences, including meeting Deaf Khmers, visiting deaf-related locations as well as gaining access to local communities through our wonderful Khmer tour guide, CONTACT MENG!.

In addition, CDT is proud to provide small, exclusive and private tours for all Deafblind as well as English-speaking travelers.

Please take your time to browse our website and our tour packages and consider using CDT for your upcoming travels in Cambodia.  You can contact us anytime for further inquiries and information by using one of the following:


CDT started when Ronise and Meng met and traveled together around Cambodia, realizing the need of providing tours in Cambodia for deaf and deafblind tourists. Here’s how the story began… before Ronise resided in Cambodia in 2007, she lived in Seattle for 12 years and guided her deaf and deafblind friends many times personally. Not realizing what she loves to do, she continued to guide her visitors in Cambodia. By chance, she met Meng when she was hailing a tuk tuk. Their friendship grew and traveled around Cambodia together and witness the growing tourism industry. Hence, they agreed to start a travel company, catering toward deaf, deafblind and people in the signing communities. All in all, Ronise wish to see tourists to come and enjoy Cambodia with ease, access and satisfaction and Meng wish to share his country and culture to the tourists with pride and honor. So, CDT was born in 2009 and is growing with a Bayon smile!


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Meng, one of four siblings, was born in a sleeping village inside the Svay Rieng Province. Unlike his siblings that worked on rice fields, Meng attended and completed school. Then, he moved to Phnom Penh to further advance his education at a university. On the side, he worked as a tuktuk driver to finance his education and family. In 2007, Meng met Ronise while tuktuking and became involved in the deaf communities. Over the years, Meng acquired and became fluent in Khmer Sign Language, along with American Sign Language and International Sign. Currently, Meng continues his education, supporting his family and resides in Phnon Penh. Meng is thrilled to be part of the CDT Team as a Lead Tour Guide and is looking forward to guide the next tour group with Cambodia Deaf Tours. Contact: Contact Us!

CDT welcomes her on board to provide assistance to Meng for group tours. Sopheap, a strong Deaf leader, was born and raised near Takeo until moved to Phnom Penh to advance her studies and employment. She worked in Deaf Development Programme for many years, serving as outreach specialist for deaf youth and families around the country.

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Pursuing her lifelong dream to work in another country, she took upon an opportunity to work in Cambodia, starting with Deaf Development Programme in Phnom Penh. After one year, Cambodia slowly stole her heart which led her to another opportunity to work as a volunteer for Epic Arts in Kampot for 3 years. After meeting Meng, Ronise volunteered her time for the past years to help him run his business, CDT, on his own. Currently, Ronise resides in Tacoma, Washington, USA with her husband, Darren and daughter, Franki.


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“CDT’s scheduling, planning and transportation went very smooth. Their teamwork was excellent. A wonderful trip. Our highlight of the trip was the elephant ride in the jungle and saw the hill tribal people. We saw mountains and rivers and the meals were wonderful. CDT do know their job and we highly recommend CDT!”

Rosemary & Jerry McGaugh - December 2011