CDT started when Ronise and Meng met and traveled together around Cambodia, realizing the need of providing tours in Cambodia for deaf and deafblind tourists. Here’s how the story began… before Ronise resided in Cambodia in 2007, she lived in Seattle for 12 years and guided her deaf and deafblind friends many times personally. Not realizing what she loves to do, she continued to guide her visitors in Cambodia. By chance, she met Meng when she was hailing a tuk tuk. Their friendship grew and traveled around Cambodia together and witness the growing tourism industry. Hence, they agreed to start a travel company, catering toward deaf, deafblind and people in the signing communities. All in all, Ronise wish to see tourists to come and enjoy Cambodia with ease, access and satisfaction and Meng wish to share his country and culture to the tourists with pride and honor. So, CDT was born in 2009 and is growing with a Bayon smile!