CDT strive to provide the most convenient itinerary for YOU as an independent traveler or YOUR group. CDT recognizes that different groups have different needs. CDT understands that you have specific times, type of travel, unique ideas and will create a trip for you, based on your terms. All you need to do is get your group together, and we can create an itinerary that will help you learn, share, and most of all have fun with your group. Imagine exploring the amazing Angkorian temples, sunrise and sunset viewings, Khmer cooking, market shopping, river cruising, meeting local Deaf Khmers, and so much more! We have the local knowledge and network of Cambodia, along with our sense of intimate relationship with our local Khmer people, environment and news. Above all else, whatever tour you want, CDT will meet! At CDT, we love working with all Deaf people as well as members of signing communities, including families with/without children, friends, co-workers, and students. Our past tours have been tailored for the youngest participants to the oldest participants so just tell us what you want and CDT will make you happy!